LATEST: Former child star Corey Feldman will be called as a prosecution witness in Michael Jackson's child molestation trial - after he expressed concerns about his own childhood friendship with the THRILLER star in a TV interview.

The 33-year-old, who has been unwavering in his support of Jackson until recently, says in an upcoming interview with American TV show 20/20, that he's come to a "sickening realisation" about his friendship with the 46-year-old THRILLER singer.

Feldman became friends with Jackson after finding fame in movies including STAND BY ME and The Lost Boys, but they reportedly fell out in the aftermath of September 11 (01), when Jackson refused to let Feldman onto his bus leaving New York.

In 1993, when Jackson stood accused of molesting young pal JORDY CHANDLER, 22-year-old Feldman told police, "Nothing ever happened with Michael and me."

But his perception of events has since changed, and he will take the stand to give evidence against his former friend later this year (05).

10/02/2005 14:15