Former child star Corey Feldman is filled with "nothing but sadness" as he prepares to testify against his old friend Michael Jackson in the King of Pop's child molestation trial.

The actor, who grew up around Jackson and his family, will be a chief prosecution witness next month (MAR05) when he's called upon to reveal secrets from his friendship with the pop superstar.

And, before he was slapped with a gag order for agreeing to take part in the trial, Feldman spoke to British journalist Martin Bashir about his thoughts that his former friend could be guilty.

Feldman told Bashir that his damning Jackson documentary LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON had left him feeling uneasy and uncomfortable because it made him think that incidents he once felt were innocent were far from being so.

THE GOONIES star Feldman revealed that Jackson had shown him pornography and pictures of genitalia and venereal diseases when he was a teenager.

And, although Feldman insists Jackson never molested him, he's not convinced the pop star isn't a sexual predator.

He says, "This child, if he's telling the truth, and the other children like him, if they're telling the truth, they're small voices, they're weak voices.

"I was a child who was a celebrity, who was well-known and I don't think that a paedophile of that calibre would be stupid enough to take advantage of that final straw.

"But, with a child that doesn't have a voice, with a child that's weak and has no support, where are the boundaries?

"So I'm here to say I hope and I pray that these things never happened and, if they never happened, there's some real sickness with a lot of people, but if they did happen then there's a lot of sickness with one person and that person needs to be punished."

14/02/2005 02:41