Former child star Corey Feldman fears former pal Michael Jackson turns his young friends into enemies by blacklisting them once he's tired of their company.

THE LOST BOYS star Feldman is one of many ex-friends of the pop superstar and he understands why so many former pals turn on the King Of Pop and bring court cases against him.

Feldman claims Jackson's recent child molestation accuser may have just been another lost kid upset after he was cut off by the superstar.

The actor says, "Most of these kids are kids that need him, that need another kind of love, they need a big brother, a father figure. He's very giving and very generous when it comes to that.

"The problem is, when he's done with them he cuts them off, he changes his phone number; you can never reach him again and that pain is even greater than the pain of not being friends with him in the first place."

14/07/2005 09:51