Child actor Corey Feldman has revealed his former pal Michael Jackson once threatened his life because he thought THE GOONIES star was planning to reveal all about their friendship.

Feldman taped an interview with British investigative reporter MARTIN BASHIR just before he was called as a prosecution witness in Jackson's child molestation trial and told the journalist his friendship with the King of Pop ended badly on the eve of the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001.

The actor was among the celebrities attending Jackson's star-studded anniversary concert in New York and was shocked by a brief chat he had with his friend backstage.

In the Bashir interview, which featured on US news show 20/20 on Friday night (11FEB05), Feldman recalled, "Michael had some paranoid delusion that I had some ill-fated intentions to write some sort of book about him, which was categorically untrue.

"What happened next was basically, the way I perceived it, is that he threatened my life."

Jackson refused to transport Feldman out of New York on his tour bus the following day (11SEP01), after terrorist planes had hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

Feldman is scheduled to testify against his former friend on 15 March (05).

14/02/2005 02:41