Actor Corey Feldman has turned down countless offers to turn his baby son into a child star because he doesn't want the kid to have the hellish upbringing he had.

The STAND BY ME star began his career in a McDonald's commercial when he was three and became a huge star in his teens, but it cost him an upbringing and family life, and he became a drug addict when the movie offers dried up.

The actor insists his son's childhood is going to be much better than his own - and he urges all parents to follow his lead.

He says, "My son is the most beautiful child I've ever seen... We had offers when he was three weeks old to take him to a baby modelling agency. This lady came up to us with a card and we'd just got him out of the hospital. I was like, 'Are you out of your mind?'

"If you want to do it once, just to have a print ad with your kid, OK, one time, take the money, put it in a bank and never do it again. That's a novelty.

"As soon as you start putting the kid on a pedestal that's where you go wrong because you're affecting the rest of this person's life."

14/07/2005 09:51