Corey Feldman is hoping for ''justice'' in his alleged stabbing case after police claim to have found CCTV footage depicting the incident.

The 46-year-old actor was admitted to hospital last month for treatment to wounds he claimed he sustained after someone forced his way into his car and struck him with a sharp object, believed to be a syringe.

And now, he has taken to Twitter to give fans an update into the ongoing criminal investigation surrounding the incident, which has reportedly turned up video footage of the supposed attack.

Sharing the link to two news articles, the 'Goonies' star wrote: ''BREAKING NEWS- SURVEILANCE FOOTAGE/WITNESSES HAVE SURFACED IN STABBING ATTACK LAST MONTH: Corey Feldman Stabbing Investigation Turns Up Witness and Video Evidence

''MORE COVERAGE PROVING LAPD IS IN FACT ON THE CASE, THIS GIVES ME GR8 HOPE THAT MY ASSAILANTS WILL B BROUGHT 2 JUSTICE: Corey Feldman stabbing investigation finds witness and CCTV of the attack (sic)''

Previously, Corey voiced his concern that his attack could have been linked to the alleged death threats he claims to have been receiving as a result of his decision to speak out against paedophilia in Hollywood.

He said: ''One thing I can tell you for sure is I do know, 100 per cent for a fact, that there is a conspiracy. I do know for a fact that that conspiracy has to do with every false accusation that you've heard about me in the media within the last six months. And I do know who the organiser of that conspiracy is and I do know who it's being led by - and I do know why. It all has to do with the paedophilia claims that I've made. So I can't say that this incident was related, but what I can say is that it's very odd that a group of Mexican guys would pull over a car, go as far as opening a door and stabbing the person inside. Because generally, if they're going to do that kind of an aggressive move, they're going to ask for a wallet at that point, they're going to ask for your car keys, they're going to ask for some kind of demand.''

Corey was treated in hospital after he claimed to have been stabbed with a syringe, and was worried he could have contracted an infection from the needle.