Former child star Corey Feldman has vowed to write a book to reveal the details of his alleged abuse as a youngster.
The Stand by Me star was thrust into the limelight aged three when he starred in a MCDonald's commercial and appeared in a string of television shows and films before his teenage years.
He struggled to cope with being in the public eye at such a young age, and has previously claimed he was abused as a child.
Now, Feldman wants to open up about his troubled youth in a new book.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "When I was 14 and 15 things were happening to me. These older men were leching around like vultures.
"It was basically me laying there pretending I was asleep and them going about their business. I will write a book - I will put all the information forward.
"There are people who have got away with it for so long they think they are above the law - that's got to stop."