Rap star Coolio is glad he took part in his new U.S. reality TV show - because he discovered how many secrets his kids have been keeping from him.
The Gangsta's Paradise hitmaker is the star of Coolio's Rules - which follows him as he tries to juggle his career as a musician, his catering business and love life with being a single parent of four.
And he's dug up dirt on 20-year-olds Artisha and Brandi, Artis, 18, and Jackie, 15, since the cameras have been turned on his family.
He tells the New York Daily News: "I did not know that my youngest daughter was so camera-shy and I did not know she was thinking about dating boys. And I did not know that my oldest daughter had had a drink of alcohol before. That's a lot to deal with. I try not to judge my kids too harshly, but I'm still their daddy."
But Coolio insists he's handling the shocks well, adding: "I feel it hard... We can be dysfunctional, but we're nowhere near as dysfunctional as some other people."