Enigmatic rapper Coolio has admitted on Celebrity Big Brother that he would "rather be feared than loved".

The admission will come as a surprise to millions of viewers and several of his celebrity housemates stung by his barbed words and cutting raps.

But speaking to Big Brother, Coolio said he disagreed with contemporary Ice Cube, "a famous man, a great man, or a man", that being popular was more important than intimidating people.

"I've had to tone my person down, be the soft Coolio," the rapper said after it was suggested to him that Michelle Heaton might have been 'playing' him with crocodile tears.

Michelle has repeatedly cried after Coolio teased her over a potential romance with fellow pop singer Ben Adams.

Speaking earlier in the day, Michelle said that Coolio's behaviour had made her sick and revealed that she blamed the rapper for the exits of Lucy Pinder, Tina Malone and Mutya Buena.

In further diary room anguish, Coolio debated whether he should be the "soft Coolio, the quiet Coolio".

"People can't take me, even the ones who say they can. In America, me being the way I am, my friends love me for it but here in England they can't take me... they think I'm a hot rod for attention but I'm a Leo.

"I don't wanna hurt anybody or anyone to leave and say that Coolio is an a******e."

Elsewhere in the Big Brother house, despite having several former and current musicians among the ranks, the housemates conspired to limp home in a task to write their own song and perform.

"You can't sing. You can't dance and you look ridiculous. Congratulations," Big Brother said.

18/01/2009 22:21:38