Coolio had spoken of his unbridled joy at surviving through to the final of Celebrity Big Brother.

Just five people remain in the Big Brother house after La Toya Jackson and Tommy Sheridan were evicted last night.

Coolio, Ulrika Jonsson, Verne Troyer, Ben Adams and Terry Christian remain on the Channel 4 show for Friday's final.

Speaking in the diary room, Coolio said it 'felt great' to have come this far.

"Mission accomplished," he said. "It's been a learning experience."

Before La Toya had been evicted, she had spoken about her brother Michael, saying there was "more to" Billie Jean than just being about a fan but refused to elaborate on what Dirty Diana was about.

"Neverland is fine, Michael still owns Neverland," she went on to say. "He hasn't been there in about six years, he hasn't been their since the trial, he says he never wants to see that again.

"He says 'I'll never come back here'. He doesn't want to be there, the memories are so awful."

Elsewhere housemates underwent a 'dare task' that saw Terry lick a sweaty man's armpit, Coolio bathe in "gross stuff" and Ben kiss an old lady for five seconds.

23/01/2009 11:16:36