Rapper Coolio is planning to take Sean Combs on in the kitchen with a new cookery show. As rap mogul and entrepreneur Combs prepares to launch his new reality TV series COOKING SHOWDOWN next month (APR06), GANGSTA'S PARADISE hitmaker Coolio is planning his own culinary special. But, while Combs will invite celebrity pals to cook up treats on his series, Coolio is planning to do all the work himself. He says, "This won't be your average cooking show - it'll be Coolio with food. I'll be cooking, talking, rapping, dancing and singing. "There will be a four-piece band, a DJ, and strippers - all in the kitchen. I'm going to change the way they do cooking shows." Coolio came up with the idea for his own TV show after years of perfecting his culinary skills. He adds, "I love to cook, and I'm pretty damn good at it. My enchiladas cannot be beat, my fried chicken in on top, my spaghetti will kick your spaghetti's a**, and I can put every Chinese food restaurant out of business with my egg rolls."