Coolio was keen to show his sensitive side when discussing previous romances with LaToya Jackson in the Celebrity Big Brother house today.

While giving the Jackson sibling a manicure, the rapper declared: "I get to touch your hands so this is a thrill for me," before offering to do her toes as well.

After mentioning he hoped her boyfriend wouldn't mind, Jackson informed the rapper she was single, sparking Coolio to launch into a full charm offensive.

"Alone is no way to spend your life. We gotta start hanging out. Even is we just be friends," the US star explained.

He went on to tell her that as he was getting older his desire to sleep around was dwindling, a fact LaToya appeared slightly reluctant to accept.

Coolio did him self few favours by continuing to explain his six children by four different women were a result of his fondness of being in love.

The housemates failed their latest task to replicate the lifestyles of the rich and famous this afternoon, missing out on the luxury food budget.

08/01/2009 22:00:00