End Date: 29/05/2012
Age: Open to all ages

Win a Philips Docking speaker!

The DS3020 docking speaker delivers crystal-clear sound which preserves low tones for deep bass at whatever volume! Synchronise the speaker system with your iPhone, iPod or even with your PC for the optimum music experience.

Dock it, play it, sync it and charge it! Dig in to your favourite music on your iPhone or iPod while it charges and synchronises with your PC via USB - and enjoy superb sound quality together with thoroughly unbeatable convenience. Let the great tunes go on and on - without ever running out of power. Enjoy the option of AC or battery power for maximum flexibility.

Dynamic Bass Boost maximises your music enjoyment by emphasising the bass content of the music throughout the range of volume settings - from low to high - at the touch of a button! Bottom-end bass frequencies usually get lost when the volume is set at a low level. To counteract this, Dynamic Bass Boost can be switched on to boost bass levels, so you can enjoy consistent sound even when you turn down the volume.

Neodymium is the best material for producing a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, better bass response and a pure balanced sound quality.

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