End Date: 12/12/2012
Age: Open to all ages

Win A Denon Music System with Hunky Dory - In Cinemas March 2!

To celebrate the release of HUNKY DORY (starring Minnie Driver) on March 2 we've teamed up with hi-fi innovators DENON to offer you the chance to win an amazing CEOL Network Sound System.

Welcome to Swansea, 1976 during the hottest summer on record, where rehearsals are taking place for a high-school Rock 'n' Roll version of Shakespeare's The Tempest that David Bowie would be proud of. HUNKY DORY is an unforgettable coming-of-age journey following a group of school friends in their last weeks before they are out in the real world. Don't miss this home-grown, nostalgic, feel-good flick from the producer of Billy Elliot!

The CEOL is a truly incredible piece of kit which allows you to play music from your iPod, a network device such as your PC or hard-drive, Internet radio and even online music services such as Last FM and Napster so you can experience your favourite music in the best possible way!