Actress Constance Marie is set to become a first-time mother with when she gives birth to a baby girl early next year (09).
The former George Lopez star, 43, and yoga teacher Kent Katich are expecting their new addition in February.
Marie admits she "wasn't sure" she wanted to start a family initially, but insists the news has changed her mind.
She tells America's Us Weekly magazine, "After 10, 11 years of playing a mum, starting with (1997 biopic) Selena and then to the George Lopez show, I think I finally decided that I wanted to be one in real life!"
She continues, "If you're not around children constantly, you don't realise how wonderful they are!
Marie adds that she and Katich, who've been together since the mid-1990s - still aren't sure if they'll tie the knot before or after the baby arrives.
She says: "I think marriage is a wonderful thing, and I believe in it, but really things are so good... why mess with them? I've heard success stories from both sides, so I think we are good.
"It'll be his little girl, too - and she'll have his last name. I hope she has his nose too! He has a great nose!"