Conor Maynard goes out in disguise.

The 19-year-old singer gets mobbed wherever he goes, so has resorted to covering his famous features in a bid to get some privacy.

He said: ''I wear a disguise so I don't have to fight off girls in the street. I might use a mask or glasses and a big hat.''

However, he admits his tactic isn't always a success.

He added to Now magazine: ''Sometimes it doesn't work and I do get chased.''

Conor recently admitted he is amazed that fans wait outside his tour bus hoping to catch a glimpse of him or even an invite onto the vehicle.

He said: ''It's kind of crazy how my fans will come to the show and they'll literally wait outside till about 2 or 3am. When we actually leave and get ready to go, they'll still be outside waiting for a picture, or an autograph, so it is very insane.''

When asked how he would react if he found a fan hiding in his hotel room on his tour bus, Conor admitted he would probably flee in fear.

He said: ''I'd probably just run. I think, if they've broken into my room, I wouldn't be very welcoming. I think I'd probably just be really scared and start crying. I'd find my manager or security and get someone to save my life!''