U2 guitarist THE EDGE showed off his sense of humour when the Irish rockers took over US TV chat show host CONAN O'BRIEN last night - by poking fun at his own group in a hilarious futuristic skit.

The rock star agreed to appear in funnyman O'Brien's regular 'In The Year 2000' (sic) skit, in which the host and a guest poke fun at celebrities with future predictions.

Wearing a lightbelt around his neck and shining a torch into his face - as the norm for the skit - The Edge quipped, "U2 will reveal that we wrote the song I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR after we went to four supermarkets looking for Booberry (corr) cereal."

He added, "U2 will reluctantly admit that the original title for our album ACHTUNG BABY was, in fact, OY VEY MAMA."

The guitarist then poked fun at bandmate Bono, declaring, "(In the year 2000) The Edge will admit that he wears a knitted cap to take the attention off Bono's c**p sunglasses."

The frontman then joined the skit, quipping, "(in the year 200) The Edge will admit that the reason he wears knit caps is to cover the forehead tattoo that says 'I heart URKEL' (character in beloved US TV comedy FAMILY MATTERS)."

The group were also interviewed on the show and performed hits like ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, STUCK IN A MOMENT YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF and VERTIGO.

The late-night US TV takeover took place on the eve of the group's seven-show stint at New York's Madison Square Garden.