CONAN O BRIEN has premiered his new project 'Show Zero' online this week, with a bizarre five-minute condensed episode that sees the host answer viewers questions, speak with Jim Parsons of 'The Big Bang Theory', and preview the new record of New Jersey band STEEL TRAIN, reports the Epoch Times.
The video, uploaded to YouTube, is promo for O'Brien's forthcoming TBS show which premieres on Monday 8th November 2010. In the short clip, the presenter answers a number of questions sent in by fans, including, 'What's your new show going to be like?", to which O'Brien replies, "Rather than tell you, I thought I'd show you by doing an actual show - right now - on the Internet!", before adding, "So we're going to do something that's never been done before - the fastest talk show ever called Show Zero!" Conan then proceeds to speak with co-host Andy Richter and JIM PARSONS before playing the very first chord of STEEL TRAIN's new album.
The video concludes with O'Brien and Richter thanking the guests for coming along, and the host says, "Now stay tuned November 8 for the real show on TBS! Stay extraordinary!" .