After reportedly losing one third of his audience since returning to late night television, CONAN O BRIEN hit back last night with a show that contained some of the host's strongest monologues yet. The 47-year-old's new TBS show has recorded a mixed bag of ratings since first airing on Monday (7th November 2010), but last night's episode has gained impressive reviews.
During the show, Conan played footage of former President George W Bush's recent interview with Fox, in which he took the news network around his ranch in Texas. The television host poked fun at Mr Bush and mocked the timing of his new book 'Decision Points', saying, "The day I come back on the air after 10-month absence, he returns with a book..what a kind thing for him to do." Conan also discussed President Obama's recent visit to Indonesia, in which he was greeted by thousands of protestors, O'Brien said, "Apparently, 3 out of 4 Indonesians believe he's an American."
In his first week back, Conan has welcomed the likes of Tom Hanks, Jack White, and Seth Rogen onto the show, and last night saw interviews with the actor Michael Cera, and 'Modern Family' star Julie Bowen.