Rapper-turned-actor Common struggled to overcome his nerves after landing his first leading role in upcoming romantic comedy JUST WRIGHT - because his mother was continually reminding him not to mess up his big acting break.
In the new film, Common plays an injured basketball star who falls for his physiotherapist, portrayed by fellow rapper/actor Queen Latifah, as she nurses him back to fitness.
The hip-hop star has previously landed small roles alongside Angelina Jolie in Wanted and Denzel Washington in American Gangster - but it was his first major part in Just Wright that had his mum Mahila most thrilled.
Common admits her excitement only served to make him more anxious about the job - but he's glad he managed to get over his stage fright to perfect the role.
He says, "This was my first leading role. It was more pressure with my mother calling me saying, 'This is it, this is it!'
"But I've been dealing with this pressure in hip-hop for years so I just feel like I can handle anything. Anything is possible."