Rapper Common will perform at America's Duke University in April (07), despite last year attacking three members of its lacrosse team accused of raping a stripper. Common slammed the sportsmen during a gig at Emory University in Georgia when he rapped, "You know I never get lost, yo f**k them damn n**gers from Duke lacrosse." The episode left officials at Duke fuming, but they had already booked Common a year in advance - and claim they couldn't back out of the contract. Students at the North Carolina university are reportedly split on whether Common should be allowed to perform. BETH HIGGINS, the chairwoman of the Last Day of Class event - at which rapper will perform - tells AllHipHop.com, "We obviously do not condone or endorse anything he said at the time, but we did book him and sign a contract that is legally binding on the basis of his talent and student appeal. "The agent said it would not be a problem with Common to play here. He made these statements two days after the lacrosse case went public...He's still a really great artist and willing to play at Duke."