Common was cast as Stewart and his alter-ego in director George Miller’s abandoned Justice League, and he still can't believe how close he came to his dream role.

"I was cast and we started rehearsals for the film," he tells LatinoReview. "I went to Australia. I tried on the outfit and everything. It was heartbreaking, but it happened.

"The script was super-dope. It was intricate. And knowing George Miller was going to do it, you knew it was going to have that raw edge. But it had Superman, Aquaman... it had all of the characters really involved. Each one of them had moments and you got to know them. It was a strong piece."

Common is still keen to play Green Lantern/John Stewart.

"I would love to, I’ll say that," he adds. "That would be a blessing. That would be incredible to get the opportunity. But that’s up to the studio and DC and those guys to see who they feel is the right person.

"It would be an incredible honour and I would be geeked for that character and that role. I would go to the highest with that role... I would bring the humanity of who the person is, and the heart and soul of who John Stewart is... And I definitely think I could deliver when it comes to any of the action and the fighting."

Common can currently be seen battling Keanu Reeves in the John Wick sequel.