Rapper/actor Common is appealing to U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to consider him for the role of Secretary of State - because potential candidate Hillary Clinton could never match his rhyming skills.
The Wanted actor has been the topic of bizarre rumours alleging he is in the running for the top post when Obama is sworn into office in January (09) - and Common is happy to make light of the claims.
He jokes to MTV, "Well, they are trying to figure it out between me and Hillary, and I keep telling them I've got some things I can bring to the table that they've never had before. 'I would be a great secretary of state/ And I'm going to innovate/ Have you ever had a secretary of state/ Who could rhyme so great?'"
But regardless of whether Obama takes Common's appeal seriously, the star insists he wouldn't miss the Democrat's inauguration for the world.
He says, "I've been feeling a new day since November 4th at 11:35 Chicago time. Ever since I first heard that announcement and witnessed everything that I witnessed, being at Grant Park (in Chicago, where Obama gave his victory speech). I've been feeling like I'm breathing new air, and I feel the energy coming for a lot of people. I really love it.
"I will be there for the inauguration. I can't wait."