Common's latest movie role in basketball romance JUST WRIGHT brought him full circle - because Kiki Vandeweghe, the man who gave him his first court job, is now the general manager of the team he plays for in the movie.
The rapper leads the New Jersey Nets to glory in the film and the real-life team's top coaches agreed to train the star so he'd look like a professional on camera.
And there was one familiar face Common was thrilled to see again.
He explains, "The general manager of the Nets was actually the guy who gave me a job as a ballboy for the (Chicago) Bulls."
Common, real name Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., was a ballboy with big dreams back in 1985, when Michael Jordan was a Bulls superstar.
The rap star didn't need a lot of coaching to look good - he has been around basketball his entire life and his father, Lonnie Lynn, was an American Basketball Association star for the Denver Rockets.
And Common could have been a big sports star too: "I played from elementary school to high school and I ended up getting injured. It kinda ended my basketball career but sent me into rap.
"But I've got hoop dreams still... I really feel that I could play in the NBA."