Rapper Common raised his game to a new level when recording a song for new movie FREEDOM WRITERS - because he was performing alongside the late MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. The hip-hop star teamed up with BLACK EYED PEA WILL.I.AM to record A DREAM for the Hilary Swank film, about a teacher who inspires a class of at-risk students to not let their impoverished backgrounds hold them back. But for Common, the reality of rapping alongside civil rights leader King was a revelation. He tells MTV, "The movie was already inspiring, but to be on a song with Martin Luther King, I had to write to the best of my ability. Ain't no playing when you have Martin Luther King on there. "I remember when Dr King talked about white men and black men, Protestants and Catholics, Jews and Gentiles, just people coming together. I think that hip-hop is part of that Martin Luther King dream. "Hip-hop is a bridge to bring people together. At my concerts it's white kids, Latino kids, Asian kids sharing the same experience. I think hip-hop is bringing people together."