Colton Haynes ''cried for three days straight'' when he came out as gay.

The 28-year-old actor - who is currently engaged to celebrity florist Jeff Leatham - made the life changing confession during an interview in 2016, and after being put down by ''so many people'', he said the ''amazing experience'' of coming out made him incredibly emotional.

He said: ''I've been told by so many people that you cannot be out and have a career. The craziest thing was my career actually became the best it's ever been once I actually was true to myself. That happened, and it was the most amazing experience. I was in Paris the day that the EW article dropped, and I cried for three days straight.''

But the 'Arrow' actor admits that the tears were the result of ''happy'' crying, as the article made him able to ''live a more free and open life''.

He added: ''It was amazing. Good cry, yeah. I was happy at the outpouring. Marc Snetiker wrote the best article, and then eventually I did the Out cover, which also was a good article. Now I live a more free and open life. It's nice - people have now started giving me work because of it, and it's been really awesome.''

Despite being happy with the way he made the confession, Colton was forced to deal with people who weren't ''informed'', who claimed he had done it the wrong way.

He told The Huffington Post: ''I think people are not very well-informed, so if someone didn't know that I literally did a three-page article coming out, then they could say some things. I think that whole situation was just not being informed. But the outpouring of people being like, 'Oh, we knew the whole time,' that's cool, but so did I. It's this whole juxtaposition of 'I also knew I was gay, as well.' I know you knew, and so did I, and I struggled with it for so long.''