Former Color Me Badd frontman Bryan Abrams has blamed his poor health for failing to fulfil a community service order.

The singer had been ordered to perform volunteer work and attend counselling sessions after he was arrested last year (12) for allegedly punching his wife in the face during an argument.

An arrest warrant was recently issued for him after authorities discovered he had not completed the punishments as ordered, and he appeared in court in Oklahoma on Wednesday (20Nov13) to answer the claims.

During the hearing, in which Abrams used a walker to help him stand, his lawyer Matt Swain revealed the 44 year old had been struggling with a slew of health issues in recent years, preventing him from completing his sentence.

Swain told the judge that Abrams had been trying to lose weight and had just undergone surgery on his hip, leaving him unable to walk unaided.

The case was continued until January (14), and Swain is hopeful his client's health will improve by his next court date.

The attorney explained, "He wanted everyone to know that he's sober, he's trying to get his life back together right now. The health problems he's had... have kind of derailed his life.

"He's going to continue his counselling, he's got court costs to pay and community service still to do. We're hopeful he can make progress between now and January."

Abrams, a founding member of the R&B four-piece, is no stranger to domestic abuse allegations - he has been charged on four separate occasions since 2006, although two cases were dismissed.