British actor Colin Salmon is "surprised and very flattered" by James Bond star Pierce Brosnan's relentless support for him to step into the 007 role.

The ALIEN VS PREDATOR star, 42, feels honoured that Brosnan has chosen him to champion for the sought-after superspy role - even though he wants the Irish star to continue his reign as Bond.

Salmon says, "I hope he does at least another two films as I think he's getting even better."

The actor, who would be the first black 007 should he win the part, has already appeared in Bond films TOMORROW NEVER DIES, The World Is Not Enough and DIE ANOTHER DAY - as M16 Chief of Staff CHARLES ROBINSON.

However, he's confident this will not hinder his chances of landing the lead role: "There's been talk of 'Who is Bond? Is it just a name given to 007?'

"But I'm enjoying the debate."

07/05/2004 17:36