Review of Most I could Muster EP by Colin Jones

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Colin Jones - Most I could Muster - EP Review

Colin Jones
Most I could Muster
(Green Garlic Records)

This breath of fresh air in the American music industry whistles its way to you from New Mexico via Seattle and currently Virginia, leaving in its wake atrail of exasperated expressions. The irreverent Colin Jones, unlike many bands caught up in this Kerrang culture, mainly chooses to carry out his commentary on society with poignancy, wit coupled with acoustic guitar and a harmonica, as opposed to discordant guitars and

Colin Jones - Most I could Muster - EP Review

in your face vocals. The opening number on this five track EP; ‘Shame On Me’ lays a mellow guilt trip that could even make George W Bush himself stumble, as Jones’ Matt Hales meets Damien Rice vocals gently but sternly rip into the treatment of tramps by society;

“Cops killed a bum last night and I’m not sure quite how.
I guess it’s illegal to be a transient now?
Kick ‘em off the street corner, vote ‘em out of town.
How can it be so easy to kick a man when he is down?”

Each track contains insight and harmony that makes Jones music soothing and at the same time insightful. Middle America will think he has gone way to far in ‘Cart before The Horse’, one of the most damning and daring anti-war songs ever written, what is more it is done in an acoustic fuelled manner. Jones decries the treatment of war prisoners ripping into the US Government’s derogation of civil liberties and believe me, his quiet indignation knows no bounds! Despite the relatively small number of tracks contained on this debut EP, the 23 year old Jones has been known to do live shows consisting of two hours of original material. The only problem is that if the FBI gets hold of the EP and listens to ‘Cart before the horse’, then if you want to hear him live you will have to travel to Guatemano Bay in order to do so.

David Adair