Colin Firth turned the air blue on TV in America on Wednesday night (10DEC03) with a foul-mouthed rant on THE LATE LATE SHOW.

Firth was describing his days at drama school in England when all his peers wanted to be just like Robert De Niro, but when he attempted to give host CRAIG KILBORN an example, he let rip with a string of 'f' words.

He said, "All these Brits were walking around endlessly saying, `You talking to me? You f**king my wife? You f**king my wife?'"

Firth kept repeating the expletive as Kilborn grew more and more restless, prompting the actor to state, "I was told I could do that."

A shocked Kilborn responded, "Do you wanna swear some more?"

12/12/2003 09:07