English heart-throb Colin Firth has refused to revisit his 1995 character MR DARCY in a documentary on the television adaptation of Pride And Prejudice, which launched him to international fame.

Firth was a relative unknown until he played the aloof aristocrat in the BBC's period drama, and has often complained fans and casting directors won't let him move past his Darcy character.

As Hollywood prepares to release its second big screen version of the JANE AUSTEN classic tale - starring Keira Knightley as ELIZABETH BENNET, the BBC decided to revisit the 1995 show.

Producer TOBY STEVENS says, "Colin Firth has said no. We obviously wish he would come on and we can't quite get to the bottom of it."

However, the Bridget Jones's Diary hunk insists he is too busy, with his spokesman saying, "Colin was not able to participate due to his schedule."

12/06/2005 10:42