Actor Colin Firth was proud of the injuries he received while filming upcoming action movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, because his bumps and bruises proved he had performed his own stunts on set.

The Oscar winner wanted to show his friends and fellow actors that he was brave enough for a tough-guy role in the film, so every time he sustained an injury he documented it.

Firth tells U.K. Tv host Lorraine Kelly, "We had loads (of injuries) but I was so proud of them, they are trophies and because there was always this doubt that anyone was going to believe that I was doing it... if anyone got a bruise, and certainly if I got a bruise, it was photographed.

"It wasn't, 'Get the nurse!' It was, 'Get the camera, show the bruise or the broken tooth'. So I think we were all absolutely delighted if we had something to show for it."

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