Colin Firth is unsure his Oscar nomination will lead to more work.

The 'Single Man' star, who lost out on the Best Actor prize to 'Crazy Heart' leading man Jeff Bridges, is grateful for the nomination, as it boosted the chance of box office success for his movie, but doesn't think it will help him.

He told the BBC: "I don't think it's an exact science and I don't think you if you look at other people's trajectory it necessarily works like that at all.

"It's certainly far too early for me to make an assessment of my own case. It's certainly helped 'A Single Man'. I'm not saying that out of worthiness, so far that's the only thing I can be sure of - a film this small would have no life at all if it weren't for this stuff."

'A Single Man' was only nominated for one Academy Award, but Colin has won a number of other prizes for his portrayal of grieving gay professor George Falconer in the Tom Ford-adapted movie, including Best Leading Actor at the BAFTA Awards and Best Actor at the Austin Film Critics Awards.