Colin Firth tested Woody Allen's patience on the set of new movie Magic In The Moonlight by trying to perform a card trick for the director.

The Brit plays a cynical illusionist in the movie but admits he couldn't perfect the simplest trick for moviemaker Allen.

He tells Wenn, "Close-up magic is an art form that is very hard to achieve and I noticed that the script had very wisely not provided that talent for him (my character). But I read up on it and I'm endlessly fascinated with it. It's a gift I'd love to have.

"We did have a moment when I was asked to attempt the simplest possible card trick... There was only a little sigh at my eighth attempt to doing a very simple thing with one card! I just kept dropping it and it didn't make the final cut.

"It's the closest I feel we came to see Woody's patience threshold!"