Colin Firth would be "brilliant" in the 'My Fair Lady' remake.

The movie's writer Emma Thompson claims the Oscar-nominated star would be great in the remake of the 1964 Audrey Hepburn classic but admits the decision is out of her hands.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "He would do it brilliantly, but because it's a really expensive movie it's really up to the studio. They're always really picky about these things."

Emma recently hinted rumours Colin's fellow Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan would be playing Eliza Doolittle - a London flower girl who becomes a lady after meeting and falling in love with Professor Henry Higgins - were true.

She said: "I think Carey is set to play her, yes."

She has also revealed her 'Love Actually' co-star Hugh Grant could also play a role.

She said: "I love Hugh so I'd love him to do it, he might want to, he might not want to, so we don't know yet."

It was recently reported that 'An Education' star Carey had not yet signed up for the project because Columbia Pictures are yet to finalise a budget but Carey and bosses "will keep talking until a deal can be struck".