British actor Colin Firth cannot fathom why his famous 'wet shirt' scene in Pride And Prejudice launched him as a sex symbol.

The King's Speech actor shot to fame following his role as Mr. Darcy in the 1995 Tv adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and a scene where he runs through water in a sodden white shirt is famous for launching his sex symbol status.

However, Firth is adamant he does not understand the stir it caused, telling Notebook magazine, "I've spent years trying to figure out why Mr Darcy's fully clothed swim in his breeches and shirt caused such a sensation. My wife certainly wouldn't go weak at the knees if I came home in a sodden shirt... There was a time when the image was tiresome, but the benefits outweighed the drawbacks. It made it much easier for me to find work and it changes your entire stature in the business."

Firth has been married to Livia since 1997.