Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas froze on the set of period comedy EASY VIRTUE - because the wintery conditions in rural England left them cold for days on end.
Director Stephan Elliott had to shoot the film in England's coldest months - because it was the only time he could get his cast together.
And the big freeze presented a host of problems for him, the crew and the actors.
Firth tells WENN, "It was a miserable time of year. January in England, you have to be really lucky for it not to be unpleasant.
"We had some gorgeous winter sunshine on one or two days, but apart from that it's cold and muddy and depressing. I've now seen my fill of British stately homes with cold and drafty corridors."
And his movie wife Scott Thomas was so cold throughout filming, she refused to take off her Ugg boots.
Elliott explains, "I had to cut everyone off at the feet because they were all wearing Ugg boots and other things to keep them warm. Kristin point blank refused to take her Ugg boots off. It must have been awful for (actress) Jessica (Biel), who is used to the California sun, but she was a trooper.
"I stayed at one of the stately homes we used in the film for a couple of nights and it was so bloody cold, it wasn't worth getting up to go to the toilet in the night because the loo was so far away and it was freezing.
"I swear that when we were filming in Nottingham the temperature dropped to minus 17."