Colin Farrell's reputation as a big drinker has been ripped to shreds by the legendary alcohol consumption of past movie stars Oliver Reed, RICHARD HARRIS and Richard Burton.

The Phone Booth hunk has been labelled a party animal for his hedonistic lifestyle, but a new survey has found Reed, Harris and Burton's penchant remains unrivalled.

First placed Reed - who died in a Maltese pub in 1999 while shooting GLADIATOR - once claimed to have downed 106 pints of beer in a single session.

Farrell, 27, only managed to land fourth place - behind late stars Harris and Burton - beating out contemporary drinkers Robert Downey Jr and RUSSELL CROWE. OASIS singer Liam Gallagher, Nicolas Cage and Boy George also feature in the top ten.

The poll of 2,500 Brits was conducted by Oriental food specialist Blue DRAGON to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Monkey.

20/01/2004 21:20