Colin Farrell's representatives have spoken out about the Irish actor's flashing antics - insisting castmates are nothing but amused at his wacky behaviour.

Reports emerged earlier this month (OCT03) that the DAREDEVIL hunk had been wreaking havoc on the Moroccan set of Oliver Stone's epic Alexander, upsetting locals with his all night drinking binges and his tendency to drop his trousers in public.

It was even reported that his flesh-flashing frolics had prompted co-star Angelina Jolie to move out of the cast hotel to find her own accommodation elsewhere.

But while his representatives haven't denied the actor enjoys showing off his assets, they insist no alcohol was involved, and the incident happened among a small appreciative audience.

A spokesperson says, "The truth about that dropping trousers incident is that he was with the whole cast, and they were not drinking and were in costume, which were skirts, and he lifted his up and everyone laughed."

16/10/2003 21:14