Actor Colin Farrell once posed in a G-string on Irish daytime television - so he could get enough cash to buy ecstasy pills.

The PHONE BOOTH star wore the raunchy underwear after signing up to a modelling agency as a teen - and he's still fearful of the footage one day coming back to haunt him.

He tells GQ magazine, "Right up the crack of my a**. Daytime show, twelve to one. It was Christmas underwear - boxer shorts with f**king RUDOLPH.

"They just wanted muppets to come on and get semi-naked."

The fee for the job was $30 (GBP17) if you wore boxer shorts, but an extra $15 (GBP8) was on offer for anyone wearing a thong.

Farrell adds, "My hand shot up. That was a pill, you know. Two pills if you're buying off the right person."

28/10/2004 02:47