Actor Colin Farrell has enraged anti-drug campaigners by "bragging" about his past heroin use.

The Irish Phone Booth hunk admits he's dabbled with hard drugs - a penchant he funded by accepting low-paid modelling jobs - and has hailed the effect heroin had on him.

In a candid interview with GQ magazine, he says, "I've smoked it a couple of times, but I knew where I was going. For some reason it seemed pretty f**king nice at the time."

But drug prevention workers have blasted Farrell for acting irresponsibly in the knowledge his young fans look up to him.

PETER STOKER of the National Drug Prevention Alliance says, "He should not be bragging about taking heroin. Farrell is a role model for children. If he thinks it is so cool he should go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and see the harsh reality."

22/10/2004 02:14