Colin Farrell wants to improve his elocution after the critical mauling he experienced for his thick Irish brogue in Alexander.

The Dublin-born actor, 27, is reportedly furious director Oliver Stone failed to supply voice coaching for his performance as the legendary warrior - and is determine to improve his accent for his next role in the film remake of eighties TV show Miami Vice to avoid future criticism.

A source tells Britain's SUNDAY EXPRESS newspaper, "He was known as 'Bejabers' on the set of Alexander because of his broad Irish accent.

"Colin had asked for a voice coach on Alexander as he was worried he would not be able to conceal his Irish trill, but his requests were met with silence.

"He made it clear to the director Oliver Stone that he could not rid himself of his lilt and thought it would be a good idea to get some coaching, but Oliver did not see this as a priority.

"There was ill-feeling and Colin felt as if he was hauled up for the most criticism.

"He was obviously sore about it, especially when Irish critics gave him a pasting. He is very upset that he has been singled out for ridicule."

23/01/2005 14:40