Colin Farrell has tipped "amazing" teen actress Q'ORIANKA KILCHER as Hollywood's brightest rising star, after being impressed by her "soulfulness".

The 29-year-old Irish star was amazed by the then-14-year-old Kilcher's acting ability when they filmed the The New World, and spent hours encouraging her to give great performances.

He says, "They were asking her to embody the spirit of America, and you don't put that on somebody's shoulders lightly.

"Having watched her, I think she can do anything. She has a soulfulness that goes way beyond her years.

"In a word, she's amazing."

Kilcher, now 15, says, "Since I was little, I was a perfectionist, and Colin taught me acting wasn't about being perfect, that an actor should never take themselves too seriously.

"It took a burden off my shoulders."