Irish hunk Colin Farrell insisted on performing his own stunts on the set of new movie S.W.A.T. - because he was eager to run around with "big guns".

The cop movie - which opens in America today (08AUG03) - sees hellraiser Farrell portraying a member of Los Angeles' Special Weapons And Tactics team, and the actor admits the action scenes were fun to film, despite the danger.

He says, "You just want to make sure you don't get burnt by the muzzle of your weapon when you're shooting a blank. Is it's been proven before, blanks can kill as well.

"But it was boys with toys, you know, and a bunch of f****** actors running around with big guns shouting, 'Put your hands on your head, freeze, don't move!' and shooting at each other. It's a good crack."

08/08/2003 02:37