Hellraiser Colin Farrell left an Alexander co-star dripping with blood after he accidentally stabbed him during a fight scene.

The hunky actor penetrated Gary Stretch's protective padding and slashed his stomach as the pair filmed a violent scene in Oliver Stone's historical epic.

Fortunately, Stretch's injuries weren't serious and doctors allowed him to return to work on the movie the following day.

He says, "It was a very minor wound. It's one of those movies where these kind of things happen. We've all had a few bangs and scratches."

The potentially deadly incident occurred during filming in south England on Friday (05DEC03), and although Stretch struggled through the pain to complete the scene, he was subsequently rushed to WEXHAM PARK HOSPITAL in nearby Slough - where rocker Ozzy Osbourne is currently recovering.

12/12/2003 02:32