Actor Colin Farrell insists the sexual propositions he's bombarded with in public mean "less than nothing" to him, quashing theories he uses the saucy encounters to boost his ego. The Phone Booth star - a notorious lothario - has always spoken candidly about his lust for meaningless intimacy with strangers, and continues to attract female advances whenever he's out socialising. However, Farrell never feels good about bedding admirers because he knows the women who approach him aren't interested in his personality - they're merely thrill-seekers hooked on seducing celebrities. He says, "None of these people who want to have a drink with me or want to f**k me, none of them have any idea what I am like as a person. "With that in mind, it doesn't make me feel good or bad. It's better when someone hands you a note with a phone number on it rather than saying, 'F**k you, you're a c**t.' That would be kind of s**t. But it means less than nothing. Really it does."