Hollywood heart-throb Colin Farrell has dashed the hopes of his female fans after declaring his intention to avoid relationships for the foreseeable future. The reformed wildman, who recently entered rehab to cure his addiction to painkillers and hasn't had any alcohol in six months, has decided he needs some time to himself. He says, "With my life as it is now, it would be very hard to have somebody - for them and me. I'm never in one place for longer than three or four months and have been living in hotels for seven years. "Plus, I find that the work takes a certain amount out of me as much as it would be nice to have somebody pick me up a little bit, sometimes I just want to be on my own with my own thoughts. "I've been lucky enough to have been in love a few times and I've felt how wonderful it is. But it comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressures. "It's better for me, at 30, to be on my own."