Actor Colin Farrell will never star in a big budget movie again - because he's sick of working for producers whose sole aim is to make money. The Hollywood star - who spearheaded the blockbusters Alexander in 2004 and 2006's Miami Vice - has learned from his "horses**t" experiences on mega-budget productions, and is adamant he'll never be part of such a high-pressure working environment again. He says, "If you are on a film such as Miami Vice or Alexander that has a budget that is healthily north of $100 million (GBP50 million) you can pretend that it's all about the work but there's a certain amount of pressure. "You have decided to walk into a world where the most important thing is financial return and your are going to get a call on Saturday telling you what the Friday opening was. I've been on the receiving end of a couple of those calls and it's horsesh**t. I don't want to play in that world any more."