Irish actor Colin Farrell had "no choice" but to kick his alcohol addiction - because it would have killed him.
The Miami Vice star started drinking at a young age and became heavily dependant on the bottle in the early days of his career.
But he decided to quit alcohol in 2006 when he realised how deadly his addiction had become.
He says, "I had been drinking for 14 years and it was a tough life change. But I was dying, and I'm one of the lucky ones that, so far, got out of it. For me, there was no choice really to be honest with you. I was pretty sick."
And Farrell admits making such a drastic change in his life was a struggle - because it was a daily fight to resist the urge to give into booze.
He adds, "At the beginning it was really hard. I began to burrow myself out of the haze that I had buried myself in so deeply.
"I was struggling to keep my s**t together a lot of the time. A lot of my energy was spent trying not to have a complete meltdown."