THE NEW WORLD star Colin Farrell splashed £1,000 on a shopping spree for a homeless man in Canada.

Farrell was seen heading round Toronto's Europe Bound Travel Outfitters store with the homeless man, known as Stress, picking out underwear, clothes, a sleeping bag and backpack.

The movie star reportedly met Stress four years ago when he was filming in the city and heard a radio announcement offering £1,000 for anyone who could get him to go to the radio studio.

Farrell grabbed Stress off the street, headed to the radio station and claimed the prize for the homeless man.

The Miami Vice star then returned to the city this week to promote his movie CASSANDRA'S DREAM, where he splashed out on Stress himself, who is reportedly planning on heading to Ireland on holiday.

"He was a cool guy. He doesn't act like a movie star," store manager Dave Mott told the Toronto Sun.

"It was like they were best buddies. The homeless guy was going around, grabbing stuff. Everything was top line."

14/09/2007 13:05:12